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Guitarrists & bitches.

Bassists & lovers.

Don't mind me, I'm only cheating death.
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I'm highly animated even though I'm decomposing.
No squealing, remember, that is all in your head.

Death cheater. Rocker. A surfer that sometimes surfs the sea more than the net. Enjoys walking into spiderwebs, so leave a message and I'll call you back.
Wears a short skirt and a long jacket.

Rag and bone!

The suspense is killing me.
Back and forth through my mind behind a cigarette.

I hope it lasts.

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Married to kyriieeeeeeee on June 21st, 2008 via marry_a_ljuser. ♥

N E SS Y - N OO D L E S - K A I
A freaking retarded Portuguese trio.
!not your bullshit!, ace of spades, apparently fucking my arm, badass mofo coming through, bang bang you die, beacons for pissed ships, being a coca-colic, being allergic to authority, big fucking guns, biting my thumb@thee, blue and red, combat laser, devil may care behavior, double-edged blades, drawing on skin, driving hella fast, easy fingers on triggers, everything engine, fantasizing about nick jago, freaking acing at everything, freaking acing at sports, fuck da pawleece, fuck dee awthawreetay, gimme fuel gimme fire, go blow yourself, guns, having a social life, having-pasta-pasta-pasta-mushroom-mushroom@lunch, hugo boss intense, i has a twin-only-not-really, i'm-kai-you-messed-with-my-bff-prepare-to-die, j00-haf-just-been-pwned-:p, leather jackets, martial arts, motorbikes, music sharing, my combat boots, my desert eagles, my eleanor, my headphones, my kickass jacket, my teammates, my-hairdryer-isn't-a-weapon-you-jackass, not getting kicked, not getting punched, not getting shot?, not getting stabbed, not-going-to-wear-that-freaking-uniform-fuck-off, oh-yeah?-what-are-you-gonna-do-about-it?, outtatheway!, pizza and sushi=♥, playing my bass guitar, problems posing as solutions, random insult generator, rock'n'roll baby, run motherfucker run, scarf/nose=otp, silk and leather, ssstylish!, sword-fighting-but-hating-the-hell-out-of-fencing, the music@my ipod, the-habit-that-kicks-itself, to-hell-with-good-intentions, torn jeans, what're you looking at?, you fucking clones, you're my favorite motherfucker